Beauty Bloggers Brunch with GlossyBox & Coppa Club

Beauty Bloggers Brunch with Glossybox UK

GlossyBox & Coppa Club held THE ultimate brunch for aspiring beauty bloggers/beauty addicts! If you missed out on a ticket I have some behind the scenes pictures and key tips & tricks from my workshop. Keeping reading to find out more.

On the Saturday April 8th at Coppa Club Oxford Circus GlossyBox put together an exclusive breakfast brunch and workshop for their subscribers. This was all to kick-start their new give back initiative for Glossybox subscribers where one lucky person per month can be crowned ‘Glossy of the Month’. Watch the video below which has all the details on how you can enter.

I was asked to come down to share my blogging journey along with what best apps I use to help me stay on top on the blogging game. I was joined by inspirational MUA, Connie Simmonds, as she shared her weight loss journey, how she stays authentic in a critical industry and how she’s managed to not lose her integrity when working with brands. Find Cbeauty on Instagram for Connie’s truly motivating and inspirational posts.

Beauty Blogger brunch with Glossy Box

It was so lovely to meet all the girls who attended, although there were so many who messaged me via social media gutted that they missed out on getting a ticket. So I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to make it as a beauty blogger, which apps I use and how to achieve a flawless filter in creating compelling content.

Beauty Blogger brunch with GlossyBox

My Journey As A Blogger

How I like to create compelling content is by listening to my readers and hearing what they would like to see. I love giving advice to my readers and viewer feedback is so beneficial to me, I don’t take it for granted. I also love to write for myself so if there is an issue that is bothering me, I love to write it down and share my thoughts on the topic. I promise to go into much more depth on this subject in a YouTube video because there’s a lot more to my blogging journey than I can type here.

Which Apps I Use For Social Media & Blog

I’ve self taught myself on Adobe Photoshop to edit all my blog pictures…have you noticed? I never over edit/retouch as I want my images to be a true representation of me or the products I am writing about. I mainly fix the brightness, saturation and add a light pink tint to my images so they all look uniform. For social media there are so many apps out there to get lost in and I only use VSCO for all my picture editing, A5 is my favourite filter! I have recently found a new app called UNUM which helps to plan out my Instagram feed. I like my images on Instagram to relate nicely to one another so this app has been game changing for me.

How I Transitioned From A Part-time To Full-time Blogger

This is tricky because even though I say I’m a “full-time” blogger I do not get a full-time salary. I’m working on building my marketing freelance business again so  can turn my full attention on to the things I love. I’m a strong believer in doing what you love…I do not blog for the money…I do it because I’m passionate about my work.

This was such a positive event and one that I am proud to of been part of. All guests were treated to a delicious brunch, glass of prosecco and a fabulous goody bag worth over £200 for the ticket price of £20. And I have just found out that GlossyBox will be hosting another event very soon due to popular demand! Once I find out the details I will share with you all as it was truly an unmissable afternoon.


Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to go into depth on any of the topics I have discussed here and I can record a video for you all.

Thank you