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Looking after my skin is such a high priority for me especially as next month I’ll be another year older. So when I was introduced to the Collagen+ Beauty Milk protein shakes I was intrigued as to why they were dubbed ‘Little Bottles of Beauty’. Keep reading to find out my thoughts.

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Collagen is such a large part of achieving healthy and younger looking skin, as we age we don’t produce as much collagen in our bodies hence why we get wrinkles and dullness to the skin as we get older. Collagen gives the skin it’s strength and structure and also plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells.

Collagen+ Beauty milk shakes really helps you to be gorgeous from the inside out.


Collagen+ Beauty Milk is a tasty drink that’s enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger fighting protein. Seriously where has this beauty drink been all my life! With all these health benefits and added vitamins and minerals, you would expect it to not taste too good. But the Collagen+ beauty shakes are beyond delicious and creamy. There’s not powdery after taste either and comes in a pretty shade of peachy pink 😉

Our skin alone is 25% protein, Collagen+ Beauty Milk also includes 12g of protein from milk sources, which helps to grow strong keratin, elastin and collagen. These key components help with youthful skin, hair and nails.

You can find Collagen+ Beauty milk shakes in Tesco, Holland & Barrett and Superdrug, although The Protein Drinks Co. currently have some great deals on, with FREE P&P. To see their offers click here.

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