How To Have A Better Well-Being With Hayo’u

Hayo'u Beauty tool

Happy New Year to my wonderful readers. After a blissful break during the holidays away from my laptop, I’m back to blogging and buzzing with ideas and inspiration for the 2017. I’m starting things off with introducing the Hayo’u’ beauty method and how to achieve a better state of well-being.

Hayo'u beauty tool

Growing up with a mother who is a nurse for people with severe mental health issues, I’m well aware of the affects that stress has on our state of mind. Bottom line is stress is a silent killer! But after a lovely afternoon tea with the team at Hayo’u and showing selected bloggers to tricks and benefits of Gua Sha, all of us can use this ancient Chinese method to help with the affects of stress has on our mind and bodies.

What is Gua Sha

If like me you have never heard of Gua Sha, it’s based on Chinese Medicine that addresses the effects of stress and help reduce the damage that stress causes on the mind and body. It’s a ritual you perform in the mornings and evenings with the Jade beauty tool, that releases facial tension and boosts your skins’ natural ability to repair and helping you fight the signs of ageing.

How to use the Hayo’u Jade Massage Tool 

To use the Jade massage tool is very simple, all you need to do is gently press while stroking the smooth-edge of the stone, across key areas of the face to draws out accumulated facial tension generated through stress. The main areas to focus on are the forehead, temples & brow, cheek and jaw area and sides of the neck. For step by step instructions check out the Hayo’u video guide, click here.

By releasing the tension is your skin visibly rejuvenates; nutrients are replenished, detoxification is improved, lymph, collagen and elastin are boosted.

The results I have experienced are outstanding and I feel more of a happier person. Stress for me weighs me down and since using the Hayo’u jade beauty tool, I have never felt so weightless and calmer. As women stress affects us in so many different ways and I’m so proud to be sharing this lost ancient sercret with my readers.

Hayo'u beauty tool

Hayo’u Jade Massage Tool – RRP £35.00

Hayo’u De-stress Facial Oil – RRP £33.00

I’ve got so many exciting changes planned for the blog and YouTube channel this new year! I wanted to just take a moment to thank you all so much for reading my blog, taking time to support me and listen to what I have to say. I love being part of this blogging community.

Let me know what are some of your tips on having a better well-being in the comments below.

Thanks for reading darlings!

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  1. Chloe
    January 30, 2017 / 8:25 pm

    Hi Mona, I just wanted to say how great your skin looks in these photos. What face masks do you use?

    • February 4, 2017 / 9:20 pm

      Thanks Chloe, right now I’m using Philosophy MicroDelivery Peel over on my YouTube channel you can find out more.