Bubbles Bath Bar hosted by Bathstore

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Being born and raised in London I thought I had seen it all in this town, I was wrong 🙂 Solving that ‘should I stay home & Netflix/go out?’ Bathstore had created a 2 day event to solve your life’s biggest dilemma. Keep reading to find out more.


Leading bathroom retailer Bathstore took Londoners into a realm of relaxation with the launch of Bubbles, the first ever Champagne Bath Bar.

“Bubbles by Bathstore will give guests the buzz of a Shoreditch bar with the indulgence of a luxurious bath, as socialites sip on champagne whilst soaking in the tub.”

As I walked through Shoreditch feeling very out of place, I was drawn to the venue by the sight of bubbles in the air. Following the bubble signal I finally arrived to Motel Studios which had been completely transformed into a luxurious relaxation haven with Champagne on tap (pun intended).

Greeted at the door with a white robe & slippers, I was shown into the changing room area which had all the delights a woman would need to accompany her bath experience such as Soap & Glory body butter, Nivea face wipes, head cap plus much more.

Whilst being escorted to my bath tub I was presented with a menu of bath oils, rose petals and bath bombs to choose from, I obviously went with the large Lush bath bomb.

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Booze, bubbles and bath all in one.

It was such a surreal experience, bathing in front of strangers and having crisp champagne served directly to my bath tub. As I laid back I soaked up the atmosphere, it was definitely an experience I can strike off my bucket list 😉

I do wish a Champagne bubble bath bar becomes a real thing, I know it would be a big hit! (hint hint)


Head to my Facebook page where I’ve uploaded all snaps from my SnapChat (Monaseyes) of the event.

Here’s my Vlogtober vlog featuring the Bubbles Bath store event.