Catch up & Krispy Kreme’s Halloween edition Doughnuts

They say in the blogging world that you should never have to explain your absence but after receiving these delicious Halloween edition Krispy Kreme delivery I thought let’s sit down and have a catch up.

It’s been well over due that I’ve written a post on how I’m feeling and what’s been going on in my life. Thinking back to when I created Mona’s Eyes it was meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and feelings in the hope others could relate and not feel alone. So starting now I’ll be sharing more about me as if writing in a diary and hope to continue to do so for the future and what better time to begin when these Kripsy Kreme donuts arrived on my door step.

I absolutely love October and especially Halloween but haven’t had the chance to really celebrate it, as so much has been going on. The first i will reveal is that I’ve just moved into my new home, which I’m so excited for this new chapter in my life. It’s big step moving from my parents home to now being completely on my own. I’m a person who likes everything in its place and for all my things to be so disorganised has been giving me major anxiety plus the stresses of work life, all became too much and has made me withdraw from friends and family. In my own way I’m slowing coming out of my shell and enjoying my new freedom in my new home. Im such a private person so it will be difficult to reveal my feelings to the World Wide Web, but expect to read more personal posts in the coming future.

So I’m semi settled into my new flat and the first thing I wanted to do was to have a family movie night to celebrate my new home and to enjoy Krispy Kremes new Zombie doughnuts this Halloween. I will be doing a home tour over on YouTube very soon, so please subscribe to my channel.

Right so let’s talk about these new delicious goodies I have here, they really are the perfect treats for handing out to trick or treaters or to be enjoyed all by yourself (no judgments). The Krispy Kreme Halloween edition doughnuts have surely put the child smile back on my face and being the foodie I am have enjoyed stuffing my face one after the other!

The Green Zombie doughnut creation is scruptiously filled with chocolate truffle kreme and dipped in lime flavour icing while the purple zombie is filled with the same delicious chocolate filling and blackcurrant flavour icing. The Spooky Sprinkle doughnut is Krispy Kremes signature ring doughnut, dipped in chocolate icing and spooky sprinkles.

Green & purple zombie – £1.90

Spooky sprinkles – £1.60

Halloween Dozen – £12.95

These frightfully delicious limited edition doughnuts are sure to put the fright into this Halloween. Available only till October 31st, so make sure you grab yourself a box!

Let me know what you have been up to this Halloween and if you want to read more personal posts?

Thanks for reading & have a Happy & safe Halloween.