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Hello everybody,

With the news just released that the Kardashian sisters have a spin off show called DASH Dolls, airing in late Autumn of this year. So I wanted to share my shopping experience and pictures of when I visited DASH in Miami.

When I booked my last minute trip to Miami, I knew instantly that visiting the DASH store was a high priority for me. I have been lucky enough to also visit Kardashian Khaos in Las Vegas, so for me it was like placing a tick on my bucket list of place to visit.

Once I arrived to DASH I honestly felt like a kid about to enter Thorpe Park.

Dash store

I was a little apprehensive walking into the store, I was expecting to see supermodel sales assistants and there to be a snobby atmosphere. After all this store was owned by huge celebrities.

I couldn’t of been more wrong, those insecurities was quickly brushed aside once I was greeted by a lovely and friendly sales assistant. All the DASH dolls were so happy and well presented, which is such a huge thing for a brand that their staff are approachable. The overall ambience of DASH did not disappoint the décor was very sleek and stylish, fitting with the overall Kardashian brand.

In most stores I’ve shopped in, photography was frowned upon but I felt so comfortable in DASH that my inner tourist was unleashed.































Here are the items that I purchased from DASH, you can still buy some of the items at DASH online.












dash 2

After a productive day shopping at DASH, I spent the rest of the day getting lunch and on the beach.

Miami has been by far on one my favourite places I’ve visited. I hope to return again one day, I might do a full Miami travel diary blog post even though it was a short trip (so look out for it) 😉IMG_7213