Fabulous Flowers by Debenhams

To me there’s nothing better then having your home filled with fresh flowers, the colours and scents uplift me in a unique way.

From romantic declarations to birthday celebrations, Debenhams selection of flowers offers a wide range of blooms for every occasion.

Keep reading to find a little special gift from me to you!

As you’ve probably seen from my social media, I love flowers and try to pose with them as often as I can 😉 Now Debenhams have made it easier then ever to give a special someone a beautiful gift.

I personally never knew that Debenhams deliver fresh flowers, not only that but they have a huge selection of bouquets to choose from and for every occasion. I was lucky enough to be sent a big beautiful bouquet for my review and they did not disappoint. As I knew I was going to be away on business I placed my order a week in advanced to be delivered on the after I was back.

The online ordering process is very simple and easy to use, what’s great is that the Debenhams delivery service is also available 7 days a week. They were delivered by hand to my door, securely boxed and packaged. I really liked that the flowers came potted in a box thing (technical term) which had moisture stuffing inside as so the flowers stay as fresh looking as possible. I was instantly drawn to the Autumn bouquet selection as I love warm Autumnal tones around my house. This one is called the Designer Honey Blossom…the name alone grabbed me! They are just stunning and I’m so pleased with them, they looked beautiful for up to 7 days.

3 piece

A little treat!

YAY! You’ve made it this far 🙂 Debenhams were kind to give me a 25%off discount code on all their floral bouquets to share with my special readers….Yes you! Use code DFBLOG25 and treat yourself to some Autumn/Winter floral goodness! Or treat that special person in your life, to see all the bouquets Debenhams stock click here.

I would love to know which bouquets you pick, so please share it on twitter and tag me in it 🙂



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  1. Simon
    November 6, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    Thanks, I’ve ordered some flowers for my mum & dad. Always nice to get a discount code too.