How To Fake A Natural Glow With Temple Spa

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We all love being sun kissed, it makes us look healthier and feel thinner too. Temple Spa’s Sol Mate souffle is a beautiful self tanner with added skincare such as cocoa butter and essential oils, which leaves the skin feeling nourished and so soft. Keep reading to find out more.

When it comes to faking my tan, I’ve tried most products that are out there on the market. Temple Spa’s Sol Mate and Goldentini however have exceeded my expectations, as it allows you to pamper your body and get a fabulous fake tan all in the comfort of your home.

Baking in the sun and being exposed to harmful UV rays just isn’t worth the risk of sun damage to my skin. So I grab any chance available to test the latest self-tanning products so that I’m able to share safer ways on achieving the golden glow.

Sol Mate Self Tan Souffle

Sol Mate

Temple Spa

Your body is a living temple. Honour it. Enjoy life and live it to the full.

Sol Mate is a game changing self-tanning product, as it also contains ingredients that nourish and care for the skin while developing into a beautiful tan. After the first application I loved the results, it gave me a beautiful bronze colour that looked natural and most importantly no streaks.

Sol Mate souffle is multi-purpose product as it can be used all over the body but is also gentle enough to be used on the face. I’m usually very cautious when applying fake tan creams on my face as it can cause me to breakout or give me blackheads, but I was very surprised at how well the formula agreed with the skin on my face.

Although I love using sunless tanners but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to applying them, who has time to these days to use special techniques and specific stokes. With the rich and creamy Temple Spa Sol Mate souffle you are able to achieve the perfect glow easily. Literally all I do is rub the cream directly onto my skin with my hands and leave to absorb for 2-3 mins before dressing. You can also use a tanning mitt but I’ve been using my hands then washing straight afterwards and the results are still flawless. This product doesn’t streak or leave tell tales signs of fake tanning. There is also a handy spatula in the box for when you don’t want dip you tanning mitt in the jar.

Sol Mate RRP is £25 for 150ml, available from Temple Spa.

Sol Mate tan 1

Sol Mate tan 2

Whilst I was on a short girls weekend away, I used Sol Mate and Goldentini body oil to give me a natural glow. When your short on time these products come to the rescue.

Goldentini Body Oil and Glaze


Goldentini oil

The Goldentini Bronzing Body Oil and Glaze feels lightweight on the skin and adds a beautiful bronze to the body. If you are after the Golden Goddess glow with a gorgeous sheen to the skin, then you need this product in your life. With added omega this body oil gives a rich glaze and sheen ,that brightens the look of your skin. Goldentini strangely doesn’t feel oily on the skin and leaves no sticky residue, the long lasting formula is also quick drying meaning you can get dressed and out the door in a matter of minutes. The scent too is just gorgeous!
The Goldentini oil is priced at £25 for 50ml and available from
What are your favourite self tanning products?

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  1. Olivia Hammond
    July 18, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    I love all Temple Spa products but Goldentini has become one of my absolute favourites!

    • July 24, 2016 / 10:23 am

      Mine too! It came on holiday with me and I use it everyday! It’s such a great product. xx