First laser hair removal treatment



My first laser hair removal treatment and I was shocked for all the RIGHT reasons 😉

I decided to go forward with my first laser hair removal treatment on my underarms because like most people I was fed up having to shave and wax every month. Its so time consuming! I felt virtually no pain which now I’m kicking myself as to why I haven’t gone for laser treatment sooner, instead of going through the pain of waxing.

As I have dark and thick hair I was an ideal candidate for the laser treatment, the light emitted from the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle. This means that people with dark hair are treated more effectively. Treatments performed on red, blonde and Grey hair are not generally as effective. Please think carefully before spending large sums of money on laser treatment.

I went to Pulse Light clinic based in Fenchurch street (London) where the team made sure I understood all necessary information before proceeding with my course of treatment. Follow Pulse Light on Twitter @pulselight and tweet them any questions you may have about laser hair treatment. Or you can give them a call to book your free consultation to discuss any concerns you have.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical professional, I’m just relaying information I have researched and Explaining what my experience is. I can not be held responsible for any complications you may run into during the entire laser hair removal process