Genuine Thermos Brand, #Coffeeovernight Challenge & Vlogtober pt.2

coffee educationHappy Friday!

So I wanted to share with you guys a little taste as to my time at the Genuine Thermos Brand barista master-class held at the WorkShop Coffee cafe. Keep reading if you would love to know how to brew the perfect coffee, all about the #Coffeeovernight challenge and to watch my vlog of the event.


As I sit here writing this post I have a mug of freshly brewed Gacthatha AA coffee, which was harvested in Kenya.

Smelling the fruit aromas of my coffee, I’m taken back to the barista master class hosted by Thermos brand, which was held at the Workshop Coffee cafe in Clerkenwell. I always enjoy learning new things and what better subject to learn about then COFFEE. Having that all important cup of coffee in the morning is such a huge part of my life and I’m sure it’s yours too. Even though “people” say coffee and caffeine is bad for us, it definitely has become my guilty pleasure!

Whilst at the Worskshop Coffee cafe, we were talked through how the coffee bean is sourced and harvested. We learned the key information to look out for when purchasing coffee, the best way to store/preserve your coffee and all the different ways to brew. Needless to say it was an exciting and informative class where we were given the opportunity to get stuck in ourselves. Watch a glimpse of the coffee class in my Vlog below.

#Overnightcoffee Thermos Brand Challenge 

Winter is looming, the days are becoming shorter and colder. With the Genuine Thermos Brand 1.2L vacuum insulated beverage flask, venturing out into the cold can be made more enjoying with a large flask of your favourite hot drink. What I love most is that you can brew your coffee the night before and it will still be HOT the next day, so you can enjoy your coffee at your work desk or have it waiting for you when your arrive back from a night out.

Don’t believe me….take the #Overnightcoffee challenge yourself.

I have so many travel flasks that I’ve collected on my travels and none of them keep beverages hot for more then an couple of hours. Genuine Thermos Brand 470ml vacuum insulated travel tumbler keeps liquids hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. Carrying my Thermos Brand travel tumbler has made my morning walks better!

Learn to Brew

Work Shop

If your like me a person who enjoys using a French press to brew your fancy coffee, The Workshop coffee cafe will teach you all the other ways of brewing. Whatever method of brewing you prefer, find out from the professionals at Workshop Coffee how to brew the perfect coffee with easy step by steps click here.

Where to Buy

I really like my large Thermos flask in colour cranberry as it looks so stylish and sleek. If you wish to buy what I have, I’ve found them on Amazon with free delivery or head to the Genuine Thermos Brand website where they have loads more designs to choose from.

front cover

Watch my vlog of the event and a lovely day spent in the country side.


Genuine Thermos Brand gifted me with these products as compensation for attending their event, but my thoughts and opinions are all my own. I always like to give my honest opinion to you guys and thought to share this post as I love to discover new things. No other compensation was given.


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  1. Michael Edmund Kelly
    April 18, 2016 / 4:07 pm

    Hi, You’re appreciation of coffee seems fortuitous.
    It’s an enigma to me, what with about ten cups of hot chocolate being the only non-cold beverages i’ve ever drunk in my 40 years of life.
    It’s not cafephobia, but the odour of coffee may well prevent me from ever enjoying being in communal places where it’s consumed on a frequent basis. i still have nightmares about taking a sip of horlicks in hostipal once…

    Please accept my apologies if this reply is less relevant/too erroneous than expected.