Get Ready For The BBQ Season With Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Lamb

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

If you’ve been following my journey in life then you will know how much of a foodie I am. A few weeks back I was invited by Sainsbury’s to attend a Butchery Masterclass in London. Keep reading to see more pictures and new products lines from Sainsbury’s that will make your life easier.

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

This was a fabulous experience for someone like me who has always wanted to get a hands-on lesson in meat, and I was not disappointed. Myself along with other food bloggers and journalists were taught the art of traditional butchery by Sainsbury’s master Butcher, Julien Pursglove. As a self proclaimed foodie, I jumped at the opportunity at light butchery and learned more about where Sainsbury’s source their meat. After the class we got to keep the meat we had butchered to feast on at home.

The Butchery masterclass was run by Julien Pursglove who has worked for the Sainsbury’s for 38 years. Julien’s vast expertise and understanding of all types of meat. Guests were first given a demonstrated by Julien on how to cut and trim the pieces of lamb and then we had the opportunity to get stuck in ourselves.

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Lamb

Sainsbury’s travel all over the UK to source their Taste the Difference lamb. Sainsbury’s journey follows the lambing season from south to north, to always bring the pick of the new season to their supermarkets and customers. Then their in-house specialist butchers hand prepare and trim the meat for lean and meaty cuts with minimum waste.

What Was On The Menu

We were treated to delicious lamb shoulder marinated with rosemary, lamb cutlets marinated with lemon and herbs. Finally leg steaks, lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.

Sainsbury's Lamb cutting Master class

I know this was a different style of blog post but I just love food and cooking, I wanted to share a different side to me and I hope you got some inspiration. If your a single person like me that is looking for easy ways to incorporate meat into your diet. Then Sainsbury’s have you covered with their pre-cut and prepared lamb in a variety of cuts.

Hope you enjoyed reading my foodie post.

Mona xx

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