My Go-To Blow Dry Spot With Blow LTD.

My Go-To Blow Dry Spot With Blow LTD.

I’ve discovered a new blow dry hot spot and the best part you can book via your smart phone in numerous locations or in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to find out more.

It’s amazing what a great hair day does to your confidence! Having a fabulous blow dry can transform not only your finished look but also changes how you feel which is the greatest impact.

Blow Ltd App

Blow LTD has fast become London’s leading app-based provider of on-demand beauty services. It’s very simple booking via the app and I successfully booked my first at home full body massage, I what I appreciate most was the speedy customer service. I preferred having a woman masseuse come to my home and Blow LTD quickly swapped my booking, the masseuse I had was professional and very polite making me 100% comfortable. Instructions are given via the app as to what items are needed during the appointment such as clean towels and space for the massage chair. My first at home massage experience was very relaxing and great value for money, one hour costing up to £60. I’ll definitely be re-booking. The expert beauty services on offer via the app are available delivered to your door from 7am to 10pm, to either your home, office, hotel or event. Across London Zones 1-6 and the Home Counties.

I’ve just had a beauty treatment at home with blow LTD and loved it. Get £10 off your first beauty service at home with my special code TWKP5Y46 here.


Blow Ltd Beauty Bars

If you are person who loves the trip down to a salon, don’t worry Blow Ltd have a Beauty Bars across the country and in Debenhams stores. Due to my busy lifestyle the beauty bar in Debenhams Oxford street is my go to destination for my blow dries, as I can also do my shopping and grab something to eat all under one roof. They have a menu of hair styles to choose from, but I always seem to go back to the luxe big blow dry. I find that the trick here is to ask your stylist to pin up the curls as they cool down, so they set in a curled shape. I end up always have perfectly wavy hair for 3 to 4 days after visiting the salon.

My Go-To Blow Dry Spot With Blow LTD.

My Go-To Blow Dry Spot With Blow LTD.

Let me know if you have tried Blow Ltd?

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