Godiva’s 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Godiva 90th

What does The Queen and Godiva have in common? Well they both turn the fabulous age of 9o this year! Godiva Chocolates welcomes it’s 90th anniversary, and the luxury chocolatier is celebrating with the launch of a new limited-edition collection that celebrates the brand’s roots while continuing to craft for the future. I was invited to Godiva’s glamorous birthday celebrations held at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Godiva treated their guests to the ultimate chocolate experience! Keep on reading to find out more.

To celebrate Godiva’s milestone 90th anniversary, Belgian luxury chocolatier Godiva held a multi-sensory chocolate experience on Monday 4th July in the stylish Ham Yard Hotel.

HamYardGodiva Hotel

Multi-sensory Godiva chocolate experience

This was no ordinary birthday bash, Godiva revealed another layer of the evening in the form of Multi-Sensory tasting pods. Exploring Godiva’s anniversary chocolate innovation, three mini multi-sensory pods were set up to allow guests to experience chocolate through each of their five senses. Designed to both delight and to educate their guests, giving us the ultimate Godiva chocolate experience.

Led by neuro-science research, each chocolate pod was crafted to enhance each of the selected truffle’s defining characteristics. The truffles selected for this experience form part of the new Anniversary Collection Truffles, released in honour of the company’s 90th birthday.

Speculoos soundscape experience

Godiva Sensor experience

Godiva’s Speculoos truffle is a light and sophisticated mousse, with a hint of Speculoos. The outer shell is covered in smooth milk chocolate and covered with a crunchy Speculoos biscuit. During this experience we were sat down and given instructions to place the headphones over our ears, whilst a high pitched noise was playing gently in the headphones. We were told to take a bite of the truffle whilst listening to the high pitch sound, we found that the sweetness was also heighten. Soundscape is scientifically proven to enhance the perception of sweet things.

We were then told to listen to the high pitch sound again, take a bite of the truffle but this time while also smelling a sugar cube soaked in coffee. The surprised results were that we could all taste coffee in the truffle.

Perle Noire taste journey experience

Truffle sensor

Godiva’s Perle Noire consists of dark Peruvian chocolate ganache and blended with Tahitian vanilla. The outer layer is dark chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder. This experience took us on a flavour journey, being shown different images such as flowers and soil whilst taking a bit of the Perle Noire truffle. Each of the images made us experience a different taste in the truffle from sweet and fragrant to earthy and bitter.

Croustillant Pistache

Godiva truffle

Perhaps my favourite sensory experience was this one as I love pistachio, the Pistache Croquante truffle is a pstachio mousse enrolled with a dark chocolate shell. The outer layer is covered with crunchy caramelised pistachio and puffed rice. This experience tested our sense of smell, we were asked to taste the truffle on it’s own which was divine, then again whilst sniffing on a rose petal soaked in Almond oil. The result was being able to pick up the Almond oil notes and taste it being incorporated with the truffle. Pure delight!

Truffle making with Head Chef Chocolatier Jean Apostolou

Godiva’s Head Chocolatier Chef  Jean Apostolou began his career at the age of 17, now after 32 years he’s Godiva Head Chocolatier Chef.  Chef Jean Apostolou had his own station in the large function hall were he entertained and educated guests with his truffle demonstrations. Guest were then invited to test their own truffle making skills through a series of live, interactive demonstrations. As one to never miss out on a opportunity, I then took my turn to decorate an anniversary edition ‘Multi-Texture’ truffle called the Framboise-Rose. Being alongside the prestigious Chef was such an honour and definitely an item to tick off my bucket list. The Framboise-Rose truffle has an unexpected light tangy raspberry filling with hints of natural rose flavour. I mention unexpected due to the outer layer of the truffle having a crunchy milk chocolate shell then crisp raspberry and chocolate shavings on top. As you bite into the truffle, first instincts expects a crunchy centre, but instead you experience the light and refreshing raspberry filling.

The filling is an exciting new creations from Godiva, the rose and raspberry flavor will play a major role in the chocolatier’s anniversary throughout the year. Godiva’s anniversary collection truffles were crafted to to celebrate both new and traditional tastes and textures. The collection will feature the ‘Classic, ‘Mousse’ and ‘Multi-Texture’ truffle pieces. This collection will surely bring some taste delights this September, available in a 12-piece box for £22 and an 18-piece box for £34.

Godiva Truffle makingRaspberry Truffle

“This stunning collection will awaken your senses and tickle your taste buds!” – Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Ilse Wilmots

The evening was also a opportunity to get a first glimpse and taste what Godiva have in store for Christmas 2016. Godiva’s Christmas collection brings a modern twist to a traditional recipe. The packaging design reflects a luxury traditional Christmas with hints of sophistication. Illustrator Dinara Mirtalipova was inspired to design the Christmas collection by the magic and conviviality associated with the festive season. Prices start from £5 and I’ll bring more details in the months leading to the Christmas period.

Godiva xmas

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Godiva and the PR team for inviting me to such a beautiful event and for the lovely gift. I’ll be sharing with you the delights I received in the gift bag as they will make for great gifts for your family and friends, and i’ll also be diving more into the history of this luxury chocolatier. So click that subscribe button on my blog to not miss any exciting posts.

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