GoldCrush Hair vitamins | My First Impressions

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Its no secret that I love wearing hair extensions to give myself beautiful looking locks that every girl dreams of. Recently I have been on a mission to improve my own natural hair’s condition. So moving forward from my holy grail argan oil elixir I am now adding something new to my hair care routine.

I have tried nearly every hair lotion & potion that promise to give you longer healthy looking hair and truth be told I haven’t seen any results.

I do however use Naissant hair care argan oil on my hair nearly every day to help prevent damage and breakage, you can read my review here. This Stuff works!

So when I was contacted by GoldCrush, taking hair vitamins was something I never really thought about taking. After reading more about the formula I thought this is the perfect chance to try something new and incorporate into my hair care routine. GoldCrush have specially formulated nutrients and vitamins to help boost our bodies which in turn feeds our hair follicles. Resulting in healthy hair.

What I love most is that the GoldCrush tablets not only help the hair but are also for healthy skin and nails. A triple treat!


I have 2 months supply of these tablets priced at £37.99 and I will be sharing my hair progress with you all.

Included in my delivery I was also given a daily GoldCrush Hair check list, which I think is fab. I’m always forgetting to take my daily vitamins, so to make sure I don’t miss a day taking these I have stuck this check list on my mirror. What a great way to help aid me to achieve my hair crush goals 🙂