Why I’m Using Luxury Skincare | My La Mer Story

My La Mer Story

We are all guilty of not being afraid to spend a good chunk of our salaries on a designer bag or shoes but when it comes to our skincare we cut corners. Keep reading to hear my skincare journey and why I’ve chosen La Mer to aid with my mild acne recovery.

My La Mer Story

My mother has always been the type of person to invest in her skincare and she looks stunning in her 50’s. Growing up I would always see the iconic Creme De La Mer on her dressing table and now as I’m getting older I’m starting to adopt my mother’s attitude in skincare.

A few months back I went completely barefaced on my Instagram stories to show the true extent of my skin to my followers. The feedback and replies I got both shocked and surprised me! Although, I know I may not have severe acne I do believe I am suffering from a mild case of it caused by stress and lack of taking care of myself. Some people’s response was utter shock at how bad my skin was, I hide it very well and that may have been what threw people off when they saw how bad my skin really was underneath.

I then started taking measures on improving and investing in my skin! I started getting myself to bed at a decent hour every night, upped my water intake and starting getting facials. One facial I had in particular that left such an impression on me was at the La Mer spa in Harrods. The ladies there really listened to the concerns I had instead of telling me what the problem was and after my facial I felt motivated to take on their advice at home.

If you’ve never heard of La Mer before and would like a little back ground story check out my previous post on the La Mer Glossy Box limited edition. 

Here are a few products from the La Mer range that I wanted to share with you all they have really helped my skin and are definitely worth the investment.

My La Mer Story

My La Mer Story

My La Mer Story

The Revitalising Hydration Serum

The Revitalising Hydration Serum launched earlier this year and has already made huge waves in the beauty scene for it’s marine nutrients and outstanding results. Every time I apply the serum my skin gets instant hydration, I feel instantly plumped and perked up! Something I feel we all would need after a long week at work or excess travelling. The serum texture is so soft and sinks in so nicely, I really don’t like the sticky feeling you can get with most serums.

I take a 2-3 pumps of the serum and gently pat onto my face, neck and décolletage. I find by softy patting the product in it helps to awaken my complexion. With ingredients such as green, brown, and red algae and, lime tea concentrate which are all powerful antioxidants. The serum helps defend against environmental aggressors whilst delivering continuous hydration.

My La Mer story

The Intensive Revitalising Mask

The Intensive Revitalising Mask is more just then a mask! This is a potent and cell-renewing mask with La Mer’s coveted Miracle Broth. Whilst I was in Dubai my skin felt so dry, with the heat and constant air conditioning the revitalising mask did wonders to put back the moisture I had lost. The directions given are to leave this mask on for eight minutes then wipe away with a cotton pad but I leave it on for much longer for a revitalised complexion.

My La Mer Story

The Cleansing Micellar Water

I know there are many Micellar waters on the market but I wanted to briefly mention this one from La Mer. I’m currently using the bottle I received in my La Mer GlossyBox limited edition box and it has impressed me. The limited La Mer GlossyBox was a perfect way to be introduced to products I may not have had an opportunity to try.

I loved using this on holiday to take off the beach grime before hitting the beach cafe, as it helps to sweep away impurities and pollutants, whilst delivering hydration and soothing the skin. You may have noticed I’ve used the word hydration a lot but I have found that hydration is key to combat bad skin/mild acne.

You would use this as any micellar water on the market, so don’t be afraid to use it ladies. I know a lot of us treat luxury products with the up most care and therefore never fully use the products to their full potential. Just moisten a cotton pad and gently sweep over the face, neck and eyes.

My La Mer Story

My La Mer Story

Creme de La Mer

This is such an legendary product and one that means so much to me for nostalgic reasons. Growing up I would see this white tub on my mums dressing table and would watch how she would apply Creme de la Mer to her skin. I will always associate Creme de la Mer with my mother and have seen first hand the effects it has had on her skin and how amazing she looks in her 50’s.

This is an ultra rich creme that delivers hydration through out the day and no matter which climate I’m in. Like I said previously I was recently in Dubai and Creme de la Mer was a product I could not leave behind. Not only does this deliver moisture but helps plump my skin to blur out my fine lines, improves the appearances of spot blemishes and imperfections. I feel like Creme de la Mer is a super-food for my skin in that it has the energy to repair itself.

I would love to know about your skincare journey, let me know in the comments below if you have any hints or tips for better skin or what products from La Mer you recommend trying?

Thank you for reading darlings!