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Masque Bar

Humid weather and city pollution can all have an effect on our skin. We all dream of clear, flawless, glowing skin and we will do anything to achieve it. For me I love nothing more then a pamper night with a face mask! When the opportunity arose to discover facial masks by Masque Bar I jumped at the chance. Keep on reading why Masque Bar’s Brightening sheet mask and the Luminising Charcoal peel off mask have exceeded my expectations.

Sheet and peel off masks are honestly the lazy girls answer to radiant skin, they are quick to apply and just as quick to remove. Making the indulgent part of your skincare routine easier to maintain.

Luminising Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Charcoal mask

As soon as I applied the charcoal mask I felt the formula get to work on my skin straight away, the mask has deep cleaning ingredients that draws out dirt, impurities and oil which was the slight tingly sensation I was feeling. The consistency is very thick but the formula dries quickly. Peeling off the mask was also easy, there were no little bits breaking off. Removing the mask all in one go was oddly very satisfying but I highly recommend avoiding your eyebrows, hairline and sideburns at all costs.  Trying to peel off of the mask around those areas was slightly painful as the mask got stuck to my tiny hairs. But other then that the experience was virtually painless.

The results after using the mask was a deep cleansed skin with my pores unclogged, evidence of black heads could be found left over in the mask (TMI). My skin felt detoxified and all impurities sucked out. What’s also great about the Masque Bar’s peel off range is the no mess left behind. The little bits of  leftover charcoal I could wash off so easily which was such a relief, compared to other charcoal face masks I’ve tried previously that gets everywhere. This mask left no black stains around the sink basin or on the towels. Another benefit of this mess-free mask is that you can slab it on your face and get on with other things that need doing around the house without the dread of the mask dripping everywhere.

Brighten Sheet Mask

sheet mask 2

This fool proof mask is so simple to apply, there’s no measuring of ingredients and no mixing, all that’s needed is to press on and relax. The mask comes in a sachet and the sheet is very moist, but not overly wet that it drips down your neck or all over your floors unlike other sheet masks I’ve tried. You can leave on for 20-30 minutes then simply peel it off and it’s that simple. I like to leave mine on for around 45 minutes making sure my skin is drinking up on all the goodness. The results I found were great, my skin feels so hydrated and radiant. The two masks work so well together, one gives a deep clean and the other hydrates. My skin looks so clear and glowing after application, so I’ll definitely be using these masks again before an extra special event. The sheet mask sits on my face really well and doesn’t drip everywhere. A good tip I would recommend is to leave the sheet mask in the fridge for 10 mins before use, for a lovely cooling face mask treat.

Masque Bar range are available exclusively at Boots in the UK and at the bargain price of £9.99 per box which includes three sheets, you can try them for yourselves. Masque Bar also have other varieties to choose from such as a wrinkle reducing and blemish eliminating masks, which I’m looking forward to explore.

Have you tried the Masque Bar masks? Let me know which ones you have tried.

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