Mona Takes on BeautyCon London


Hey Guys,

BeautyCon brought over there huge beauty/blogger event to London over the Bank Holiday weekend, first time exhibiting in the UK. Make yourself a cup of tea  and read below to find out what I got up at #BeautyConLondon.



So on Saturday the 23rd of May me and my friends made our way down to Kensington Olympia to hang out at BeautyCon and meet our favourite bloggers.

I don’t like to point out the negatives (as I’m a glass half full kind of girl) but I was very under whelmed at the lack of beauty brands exhibiting at BeautyCon. I have been to IMATS and other beauty exhibitions before, so for me I found there was a lack of brands/things to do. But after having my morning coffee fix I quickly switched my attitude. Looking at the bright side of it all, I came to the realisation that having fewer brands meant I got to spend more time at each stand and to meet new people. Being able to soak BeautyCon in much more was really beneficial for me, as I am wanting to be more focused on blogging and networking with other content creators. And that’s exactly what happened for me.


BeautyCon was great because it really did bring some of YouTube’s successful and popular influencers all in one place. There were panel discussions going on at the main stage with tips and advice on how to build your own blog, how to deal with the haters and generally girl talk that I wish I had access to when I was a teen. For me at my age and where I am in my career (Marketing freelancer) I loved the talk about the future of online media, so the discussions really covered a wide range of topics.

Another positive was that the brands I did want to go visit were there, such as Liz Earle and Benefit cosmetics. I brought some lovely make-up at a great discounted rate and also received some fabulous freebies, which I cannot wait to try out and review for you guys.

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Entering the blogger world can be very daughting but speaking with some of my favourite youtubers/bloggers they made me feel like I can achieve what I want to with Through Mona’s Eyes.

Teni Panosian, Fleur De Force and Leanne Lim Walker were all super nice and looked just as amazing in real life then they do in their videos/pictures. I will keep what we discussed in secret 😉

My day would not have been complete without the lovely Vicki Vicki’s Beauty it was such a pleasure getting to spend the day with her again, my new Blogger BFF 😉 


With Karissa Pukas (Top) & Whitney Valverde (bottom)

With Vicki- Vicki’s Beauty


Watch my Vlog to find out more on what I got up to at BeautyCon.