Sunny October lunch date ~ Marks & Spencer camel coat feature

Lunch date look

Hello Everyone!

This is my very first blog post. I will get better with practice (I promise). Even though I’ve only posted this today, I actually wrote a short description back in October.

So today was such a rare beautiful October 31st (Halloween) and on days like this I love nothing more then spending time to catch up on the gossip with my family. Photo credit to my big sister ♥

Over the years I’ve always wanted to purchase a camel colour smart coat. This one is from Marks & Spencer and was what I have always been looking for plus more. It’s made from Italian wool and looks so expensive on. At a price of £120 It’s affordable luxury. I had searched high and low for this camel coat in my size. Once featured in Marks & Spencer’s AW14 TV ad, it was destined to be a best seller. But luckily I found last size 8 in my local M&S store. For this stylish and high quality coat I give it 2 thumbs ups 🙂

I went for a very simple/casual look for my family lunch date, they are as follows:

Coat from Marks & Spencer
Eloise Blouse from Reiss (a few seasons ago)
Joni jeans from Topshop
Black & PVC stiletto heels from BCBG
Watch & Bag from Micheal Kors
Sunglasses by Chloe