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Like I’ve mentioned before there is nothing physical that we can give to our Mums that even comes close to what they deserve. I have collaborated with Watch Shop on their new Mums on the go Campaign, to make more time for Mum all year round and not just on Mother’s Day. Keep reading to find out more.

I believe we should spoil our mums all year round but as we get older we forget to show our appreciation and think we rely on our mothers less, when in reality we need them more then ever. We should all try to make life a little easier for mothers throughout the year and show our love, rather then just on one special day.

The Watch Shop ran a survey on how hectic a mum’s average day can be and brought to my attention how much mums have to cope with. The struggle they are faced with on a daily basis to juggle all their commitments to both the kids and the office.

Because Mum deserves the best!

Let me introduce you to my Mum, she is a single parent of 4 children and has 1 grandchild. Between working as a nurse and looking after her family she is left with little to no time for herself. Mothers don’t get recognised enough for the sacrifice of being selfless and putting their families first always! Even I’m guilty of not always recognising all that she does for me and my siblings.

So together with Watch Shop and their new Mums On The Go Campaign I took the opportunity to treat my mum to a fancy Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at Balthazar in Covent Garden.

Mums on the go

Bobbi x Balthazar 1

BobbixBalthazar 2

We made the whole day out of it, exploring the streets of Covent Garden and doing a little bit of make-up shopping in Mac and Charlotte Tilbury. The afternoon tea tasted delicious and the staff were so friendly, I recommend taking your mum there as it’s the perfect little treat. If your mum is a make-up lover she will love this collaboration of Bobbi Brown with Balthazar which is available until September. I will have Vlog on our Bobbi x Balthazar afternoon tea experience over on my YouTube channel very soon.

It was such a lovely treat to spend quality time with my mum alone, coming from a big family it can be challenging to find the time to spend together. I hope we can share more days like this in future, we’ve already planned to go on a afternoon tea London bus tour. I get my sense of adventure from my mum so we are going to make this a little tradition to visit new places to enjoy afternoon teas….perhaps one day in Hong Kong.

So use the Watch Shop Mums On The Go campaign as motivation to treat your mum to something even more special – pamper them and show them how much you appreciate every little thing they’ve done for you. Share with me your moments with your mum by commenting below or tagging me in your pictures.

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    • March 16, 2016 / 10:33 pm

      Thank you Paulina! Guess we all need that little reminder to show our loved one how much we treasure them. Good luck with my giveaway xxx

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        Yes, so true!

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