My Beauty hacks with Vita Coco Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil has been renowned for its health care benefits, with people skipping butter and olive oil in their diets for a healthier coconut oil alternative. But people are still yet to convert to Vita Coco Coconut oil for their beauty and make-up routines. Keep reading to find out my beauty hacks. #Swearbyit

I absolutely love winter, but the change in temperature can be seriously confusing on your hair and skin. So here are some of my top beauty tips how Vita Coco coconut oil can help keep your hair and skin looking and feeling fresh over the coming winter months.


You know how your skin gets dry and kinda itchy when the temperature drops? It’s not sexy, and the same goes for your hair.

– So use coconut oil as a deep hydrating hair mask to help your hair adjust to the change in temperature. Put a couple of spoon full’s of coconut oil in a plastic bowl and place in the microwave for a few seconds until its warm and melted. I then drench my hair in it and place a shower cap on for a few hours. Give your a hair a good wash (as it still can be greasy) to leave your hair looking hydrated and full of life.

– Same goes for your skin, use coconut oil as a body mask. I get very dry hands and feet so I use the same method to tackle those problem dry areas.

100% Natural ingredients

Products with natural ingredients will prevent your hair from drying out, as they don’t strip your hair of oils like some synthetic and alcohol based ingredients do.

– I’ve been using 100% raw coconut oil from Vita Coco, on my dry ends after blow drying and it keeps my hair consistently conditioned. I always have a little pot of the Vita Coco coconut oil in my handbag – you only need the tiniest amount to prevent flyaway hairs, it also adds shine and conditions.

– I use it as a lip balm too, the natural ingredients means if you accidentally eat some its okay 🙂 You can also use on younger children to keep their lips from getting chapped. So you can always protect hair & skin from the dropping temperatures when you’re out and about.

-Another top tip, add a little bit of brown sugar to your coconut oil to transform your lip balm to a lip exfoliating balm and then gently buff away with an old toothbrush. Wanna go big? add a larger amount of sugar/sea salt to the bigger coconut oil jars to have your own full body polish treatment.

These are the tips I have tried with Coconut oil and swear by!

There are so many more beauty hacks to discover over on Vita Coco Coconut oil’s website click here.

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