My hair care routine & Naissant Argan oil Elixir review

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I always get asked about the products I use on my hair that keeps it looking healthy and shiny, so in this blog post and future posts come I’ll be sharing my hair care secrets. This post is all about a new product I was kindly sent by Naissant Hair Care that I’ve added to my hair routine, the Nanatsu Argan oil Elixir.

After using the Naissant argan oil

After using the Naissant argan oil

Due to highlighting my hair and having to use bleach for the blonde to take, I find that I am always in search for THE argan oil that will help bring my hair back to life. Argan oil is renowned worldwide for its numerous hair care benefits.

After trying the agran oil elixir and applying it to my hair for some time, I can honestly say that the Nanatsu argan oil has restored moisture to the ends of my hair. It helps prevent frizz and makes it much easier to comb through my hair once out the shower and blow drying. Naissant hair care is a USA brand that has now landed in the UK and available to buy at

How I apply:

With the Nanatsu argan oil a little goes a long way.

I only use one pump worth of product into my hands. I warm up the oil in my palms then work through the ends of my damp hair first, then with what’s left over in my hands I massage through the mid-section and my roots. Then I blow dry or style.

Because I find (especially through the summer months) that my hair breaks near my roots easily. It gets so dry by using hair curlers/straighteners and from sun damage. I know people are afraid of using argan oil on their roots, of fear their hair will become too greasy and with not enough volume. But give it a try and see your hair become stronger with less breakage.

The Nanatsu argan oil protects and nourishes your hair and I have seen the results! I’m seeing less breakage at my roots with no greasy residue, just a healthy shine and softness.

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Every girl wants to have a glossy luxurious shine through their hair, without the greasiness and I have found the Naissant Agran oil elixir provides just that. For the price of only £21.99 incl. delivery for a 120ml bottle, you get ALOT for your money (always bargin hunting) 😉

Also check out the Naissant’s Instagram page for gorgeous hair inspiration!