St. Kitts Geranium Hand & Body Wash | Review



When I was kindly sent the St. Kitts Geranium hand & body wash, I knew instantly it would be a God send for me.

With being a Marketing freelance I’m lucky enough to be able to do some travelling for my job. The problem I am faced with, is that my skin gets very dry. I’m always washing my hands or using hand sanitiser which can seriously give you the case of crow hands. Not to mention your body feeling tight & itchy after a long days travel. Therefore I’m always on the look out for nourishing and moisturising products that contains no harsh chemicals. In the past I have always found the toiletries that are given in hotels/motels are a ‘one size fits all’ kind of products and therefore would have to pack my own hand wash, shampoos/conditioners and body wash. Just so my skin is not left feeling dry and irritated on business trips.



After taking the Geranium hand & body wash with me on a recent business weekend away, this will be my must have travel companion from now on. Gone are the days of taking my own hand wash and separate body wash with me for the hotel bathrooms. This 2 in 1 product frees up more suitcase space…which ladies lets be honest, we all need the extra suitcase space we can get 😉

Can I also take a moment to appreciate the amazing sweet scent of Geranium and Rosemary. St. Kitts use active natural botanicals, which lightly fragrances the air. This little bit of luxury cares for my sensitive skin and fills the air with relaxing aromas. Definitely what I need when on a hectic business trip.DSC03261



I found the hand and body wash foams up nicely as it has natural geranium oil, leaving my skin feeling nourished.

I really love the history of St. Kitts Geranium hand & body washstarting with humble beginnings in Cornwall and over 14 years have grown from strength to strength. Keeping their core values in the forefront of their business decisions.

Oh and St. Kitts also make their own chocolate! 🙂

What would you guys like to try from the St.Kitts range?