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Thai Square Spa

My hectic schedule has a ton of perks and I’m so grateful that I get to meet so many incredible people and work on projects I could only dream of. The downside is that it can take it’s toll on my mind and body. I recently discovered the Thai Square Spa this city spa transported me to the land of relaxation, keep reading to find out more.

Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa

It’s hard to believe that this spa is only a short walk from London’s Trafalgar square and one of the most busiest places in London. As soon as I walked into the Thai Square Spa it was as if the loud city sounds was muted and a beautiful aroma filled my senses.

Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa Thai Square SpaThai Square Spa

The Himalayan Ritual Massage

As I have mentioned before although I love my job it’s definitely a lifestyle, one of which can  take it’s toll on my body and well being. Unlike most people I don’t get the benefit of switching off at 5:30pm, I’m constantly checked in and online. I chose the Himalayan Ritual Massage because of past knowledge of the many benefits of Himalayan Salt and the treatment room I went in was uh-mazing! The pinkish hue and crystalline salt on the floor made the treatment ever so much more beautiful. The massage itself combined various Oriental massage techniques for the ultimate personalised therapy, I had so many knots and tension on my shoulders and lower back which the therapist worked hard to undo. They use essential oils blended from flower and fruit extracts to help soften, soothe and balance you body and senses. One hour body treatment felt like I was one world away from reality.

I also have to mention that unlike other day spa’s I was rushed in or out of the treatment, I like to take my time getting dressed/undressed and I didn’t feel like the time was being deducted from my body treatment. I had one hour of pure body treatment and plenty of time to enjoy my surroundings and to take those all important Instagram pictures. I really enjoyed just soaking in the experience with my fruit tea which comes complimentary after each treatment.

It’s no wonder that the Thai Square Spa won the prestigious Luxury Spa Award 2017.

Please leave me suggestions below on where I should visit next in the city as I love to discover new places on my door step.

Thanks for reading darlings!

Monalisa xx