Threads False Lashes | My first bad review

Threads 2Everyone who knows me know I am a lash girl, I love fluttery and voluminous lashes. So when I got the opportunity to try the new Threads false lashes that have launched in-store Harvey Nicols, I was expecting great things. Unfortunately not everything lives up to the hype. Continue reading to find out more.

Threads 1This is a first for me giving a bad review on a product, but I always like to be honest and give my true opinions.

Maybe I judged these lashes too harshly but once they arrived I was very disappointed with the packaging. Priced at £9.00 per set of lashes, they arrived in a basic little red box. I’ve tried many lashes in my time and each time I have been excited at the packaging. We all have seen the infamous Huda Lashes on social media, I am a HUGE fan of that brand and own at least 20 pairs on Huda Lashes, which are available from Sephora.

Now I know that it’s what on the inside that counts but for the high price tag you would think more effort would have gone into the way they look. Researching Thrends competitors, I see that other well known branded lashes prices start from £2.99 and come in nicely designed boxes and the lashes are of better quality in my opinion.

So moving past the poor packaging I thought to myself let me give them a try and wear them. As I tried to peel the strip off, a part of the lashes had ripped off. Threads claim that all their lashes are “handmade” but for the strip to break like that, makes it seem they are nothing more then cheap factory produced from China. I’ve tried them all from luxury to super cheap and I’ve actually experienced better produced lashes from China costing me only £1 for 20 sets of lashes then this one pair of Threads lashes at £9.00.

But enough of the rant, I have to say that once they were on my eyelids they were comfortable to wear and felt light weight. They looked nice on and were very easy to apply. The latex-free glue that comes in the box is to a good standard, the glue stuck the lashes very well onto my eyelids, had an invisible finish and dried quickly.

So final words are that the false lashes are below average and over priced. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase them and I advise my readers to not bother and save your money. This blog post has made me want to put together a guide for the best false eyelashes on the market, comment below if you want to see that kind of blog post.

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