Timeless Truth, Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask | Review


London has been experiencing record highs of hot weather recently. And even though I really shouldn’t complain, it has been getting a little too hot for my liking. So continue reading for my thoughts on The Deep sea water extract moisturising mask and to see my mask selfie 😉 

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So I’ve been using the Timeless Truth Deep Sea moisturising mask from their Fusion range, I chose this mask specifically because I wanted to hydrate my skin through the summer months. Before applying the mask on my face, I placed the sachet in the fridge for a few hours. With the temperatures at record highs, I was desperate for a refreshing and cooling facial.


So as I sat back and relaxed I could feel the mask doing it’s magic.

I immediately felt my skin absorbing all deep sea extract moisture. I love that the serum does not dry out on my face, like other masks that you can peel off like PVA glue. No the Timeless Truth mask was continuously silky on my face. I also have to say the mask is very generous with the serum, as it dripped down I used the excess for my chest and collar bone area. The excess serum in the sachet can be left in fridge to be use for another time (up to 2 days).

The effects I felt on my face was a lovely cooling slight tingle sensation. My face felt more plump, as if my face had drank in the serum. I couldn’t pin point the fragrance, I would say there’s no distinct smell. Just a clean fresh fragrance, so you can light up your favourite summer scented candle.

Get ready to sit back, breathe deep and relax.

After my Deep Sea mask

After my Deep Sea mask

I really loved the results of using the mask and have already recommended it to all my family and friends. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight, which is often the result of using other face masks in the past. True to what Timeless Truth proclaim on their website my face looked more luminous and radiant and felt so smooth 🙂

Top Tip- If you want a hot cloth type of a facial then leave the sachet in a bowl of warm water for a minute.

Which masks would you guys like to try from the Timeless True range?