Nails are so important they are the finishing touches to your overall look. Continue reading to find out my new nail obsession.

I love going to the nail salon & making sure my nails are on trend, it’s such a huge deal for me.


Shade H.R.H & Waterloo

Caviar Base Coat & Gloss Top Coat



Now when it comes to nail polishes I do know a thing a two, so when I was introduced to TrueBrit London, naturally I was intrigued. My first encounter was at Bloggers Fashion week where I was instantly drawn to their stand. What caught my eye to begin with was the colour shade Country tweet, it looked like a dupe for Essie ‘Lady Like’ which I’ve been trying to get my hands one for ages. After that the rest was history 😉 I felt like a kid in a candy store salivating over all the gorgeous, on-trend colours.

The bottle itself looks stunning on anyone’s dressing table, every detail has been thought about. The formula, the packaging and even the British names given to each individual bottle, some of my favourites are Duchess, Waterloo and Rule Britannia.

Our opulent formula has been exclusively blended to embrace the very finest ingredients, including Vitamin E, Elderflower & Rose extract, the ultimate in decadence.

The application

This part is very important to me! I won’t name and shame but I’ve had very bad experiences with nail polishes taking hours to dry, the end result is a smudge mess.

NOT with True Brit London, the brush head is small which makes is possible to give a smooth and even application onto the nail. I experienced that TrueBrit are fast drying so your not left for hours unable to do anything. I put them to the test and painted my nails during an episode of Gotham on Netflix, after a base coat, 2 coats of colour and 1 coat of  the gloss I was ready to carry on with my day. Safe to say they are up there with Nails inc. who are known for the world’s fastest manicure. The colours are so pigmented and glossy but after putting the gloss top coat it took my nails to a whole new level…talk about gel-like shine!

Perfect Christmas Gift 

These nail polishes give you a bit of luxury without the price tag! TrueBrit London have been featured in many large fashion magazines….Vogue being one of them. Prices starting from £12.50 per bottle (bargain) this really is a little bottle of luxury. Head to to check out their limited Christmas collection, what I love is that the polishes come beautifully packaged for you and ready to give as a present to any nail fashionista or as a gift to yourself 😉

tb xmas

I’ve also talked about my love for TrueBrit London in 2 of my YouTube videos, incase you guys would like to see what some of the shades look like on.