UFIT Protein Drinks & My Smoothie Recipe

UFIT1Guess you already know this but it’s essential for women to have a good size quantity of protein in our daily diet. Keep reading to find out why I enjoy drinking UFIT protein drinks and ladies….they come in hand bag size!


For me protein drinks use to be synonymous with bulky, weight lifting men. A man’s drink after having a hard-core gym session, sorry for the stereotyping fellas!

But over the years I’ve learned that women can drink protein shakes too and not get bulky, I’ve had such bad experiences with protein shakes in the past. With the trendy Herbal life shakes that everyone seemed to be addicted too, that to me tasted much like regurgitated milkshake. Haven’t been put off yet…good! cause I need to tell you about UFIT by The Protein Drinks Co that will change your perception of protein drinks as it did for me.

The Taste 

The taste of UFIT reminds me of the Yazoo strawberry milkshake drinks that I use to have when I was younger…anyone else remember those? They are smooth to drink and leave you feeling comfortably full. There’s no powdery after taste either and the Chocolate version tastes creamy and indulgent, perfect to satisfy your chocolate cravings during our special time of the month…thank me later 😉

These handbag sized drinks are great for the woman who is constantly on the go, no one wants to be that person on a over packed train trying to eat breakfast. There’s no measuring, mixing or carrying around bulky bottles that smell after awhile. UFIT drinks are as simple as grab, sip, repeat!


The Health Benefits

I love that UFIT contains essential vitamins and minerals, just what we all need to help maintain our immune system. With added extra goodness these drinks helps your body combat pressures of modern day life. Proteins help transport things like oxygen around the body and also build & strengthen your body.

No need for tablets and pills, just grab a high protein UFIT!


Try My Smoothie Recipe

So January has been abit of a hectic month already, which I’m not complaining as it’s better to be busy then bored! Finding time for breakfast is hard for everyone, so if you want to jazz up your UFIT protein drink why not convert it into a smoothie like I did. Starting the day right with a breakfast smoothie packed with goodness always helps me get through the day ahead.

1/2 Cup gluten free oats

1/2 Cup 0% fat greek yogurt

2-5 mint leaves

1 bottle of UFIT Strawberry protein drink

1/4 cup of water

Frozen blueberries

Throw it all in your Nutri-bullet & blend.

Where to Buy

You can buy UFIT directly from The Protein Drinks Co. they have some great January offers right now too with FREE P&P. Alternatively you can also find UFIT in Tesco, Holland and Barrett and I’m pretty sure I saw them in Waitrose.

If you try UFIT please share your thoughts on how you like them….tweet me!

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