Winter Wonder Product | Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

So I kind of feel like I’m the only beauty blogger left to discover that Sudocrem is more then just a nappy rash cream used on babies and toddlers. It’s the celebrities and beauty industry pro’s best kept beauty secret. Keep reading to find out why.

During these winter months, I’ve been searching for new products that help aid my skin when it becomes chapped and dry. To my surprise my winter wonder product didn’t have to cost me months of saving up to purchase it. My little Sudocrem skin care cream wonder only costs £2.11…..Yep that’s right!



My skin concerns were that the skin on my face was feeling very tight and very dry, as if it was trying to tell me that it desperately needed some TLC. I have tried face masks before but the problem with those is that you wear them for 20mins and then have to wash them off. Not feeling that the moisture has really had time to penetrate my skin. I’ve also been suffering from super dry skin patches on my legs and shaving irritates my skin even more.

So I have been using recently Sudocrem skin care cream as an overnight mask on my face, as I feel the long nights of many Christmas parties & events has really taken it’s toll on my skin. You only need to apply a thin layer over your face after you have done your cleanse & tone facial routine. Sudocrem skin care cream has really helped put back the moisture into my skin and tackled those stress spots. I wake up with a nourished looking face, ready to tackle another day of wearing make-up and battling the cold weather. Like seriously where has this product been all my teenage life!

My dry patches on my legs and shaving burns……are being soothed and moisturised by this miracle worker.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is aimed at helping maintain beautiful healthy skin as part of your daily skin routines. It is suitable for all ages and skin types and works wonders on spot-prone skin having the ability to be used as a face mask, moisturiser and a spot cream. With an RRP of only £2.11 Sudocrem skin care cream is an absolute bargain!

People always tell me you need to invest into your skin and buy only the best of the best. Well with Rita Ora, Cheryl Fernandez and Amanda Holden having all hailed Sudocrem skin care cream as one of their top beauty secrets…then it’s definitely good enough for me 🙂

Tips for the many uses of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream:
Face Mask –
Apply a thin layer over your face and wear as an over-night mask to give your skin a healthy glow the next day!
Moisturiser –
The zinc oxide it contains prevents moisture loss and its lanolin has excellent moisturising qualities too. A must for all year round!
Spot Cream –
Sudocrem Skin Care Cream can be used first thing in the morning and last thing at night to help soothe, moisturise and reduce the redness of spot prone skin. Make sure your hands are clean when dealing
with blemishes and spots, to prevent bacteria and oils spreading around the face.
*This is not a sponsored post, although this product is a PR sample given to me*